Spectrum LX Cleanup & Repair

Icon Spectrum LX by Forum member Corsair on June 08, 2010

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This guitar came with its original whammy bar, string lock shims, and bolts, in a non-stripped base.

All in all this was in good condition save for the general dust. But one string claw arm had broken off and I’m going to get a gunsmith or model engineer to make a couple for me, I am going to get some steel and cut, drill and file one up.

The FT bridge is a real orphan. No off-the-shelf parts will fit any part of this bridge.



Bottom string lock shims in place. And underneath were paper packing pieces!! Gotta be factory!!

The offending broken string claw. However, it is a fairly clever design allowing fast loading of new strings.


A spot of black paint on the screw heads will be required.

I really don’t think this has been to bits before(!) and check this out; the h/b pickup surrounds are reversed… factory???