MMK45 Modification—Magnet Change

Icon MMK45 Magnet Change by Forum member westbone on August 10, 2014

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I swapped the magnets from a ferrite/ceramic to a Alnico II in a MMK45 awhile back.  I did a comparison test, man what an improvement!

Much clearer and defined but still with plenty of oomph! A big improvement. Much better pick attack.
Well worthwhile. Just make sure you put it in the right way.

Westone on the right, Alnico II magnet on the left.

I usually mark the one coming out with a marker.
and then with a third magnet find the out N/S etc. and plop it in.

No problem on a single pup but with 2 you will get the ‘Peter Green’ effect  when on together if your magnets are out of phase.

I also mark the ‘old’ magnet i.e. MMK 45 etc. otherwise you end up with a pile all stuck together not knowing what is what.

Installed. I find MMK 45’s powerful but a bit muddy. This mod defines the sound.