1984 Raider II Resto & 2-Tone Repaint


Icon Raider II  by Forum member Corsair on February 16, 2014

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Received condition (original case was also repaired and restored).


Headstock and tuners are in dire need of repair/replacement.

It’s a “pointy” so, there were lots of dings, dents, and scrapes.


Bendmaster Precision bridge

…drilling out the frozen bridge screw

Break down.

The bridge post insert hole on the bar side of the bridge has very little wood left in the cavity! The thin piece of wood between the neck pup hole and the neck butt is gone also.


While the points are all missing paint, they are not missing any wood, which is something of an bonus! In fact, there’s only about 2 very small dings in the body to be filled…

… and that logo is well under the clear coat!

All the grotty hardware ready for the painter.

… and all done!
I used my remaining black trem arm to complete the assembly.

The 2-tone repaint in the style of one of the original paint finishes of the day.

…there’s a little sanding to be done in the neck pocket… LOTS of clear on there!!

The decal’s not quite right, but good enough for me right now, and I’ve done more so one day I’ll make it all better!